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Some of the brands I've developed or worked with 

Woman Fitness



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Paul & Shark


Marcando la diferencia agency


-Sustainable Infrastructure-


The story of a restless mind, my story.

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Why would someone stop?

I mean, to be stopped it’s boring isn't it? 


We hate to be stopped at traffic. We hate when the browsers aren’t able to charge our content while we are watching our favorite series. We hate when someone stops telling us a great story, we hate when the sun stops shining in our faces in spring, we hate when someone we love stops loving us. 

Stop it’s not in my vocabulary, that's why I define myself as a restless mind, a restless wind.

I'm Fran Maestre, I've been

Branding Consultant, COO of a franchise, CEO of my own company and I had work with hundreds of international projects and brands from New York where I live.

I believe that brands, as people; grow, develop and have a story to tell the world. And that’s why I can't stop​ learning and improving myself day after day, giving my best to a lot of businesses that need a new perspective, a new beginning in this era of change. 


Wind won’t stop blowing,

my mind won’t stop thinking,

why would you stop?


-Retail Franchise-

Marcando La Diferencia

-Commercial Interior Design Agency-


-Premium Manufacturers-


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